Sunday, January 04, 2009

Among finished items are a pair of socks for Alexander and this sweater for him as well:

It's the Ribbed Cardigan from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and it looks fine zipped up, but he's a little too cool for that.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Not knitting related, but I was tagged in facebook to write 25 random things about myself. You are supposed to then tag 25 people, which I don't want to do, but I thought I'd post it anyway.

1) I am the fifth of six children, and though I did not have many hand-me-down clothes, I didn’t have a girl bicycle until I was in sixth grade.
2) My kids are the greatest achievement of my life.
3) One of my fondest memories of my father happened one Friday night dinner when I was quite small. He asked me to go get him a handkerchief and when I went to get it, I found the bride doll I wanted sitting next to his nightstand. That’s right, a bride doll. It was the 50’s.
4) I love Shirley Temple movies…even wrote a paper about them once.
5) My husband and I married less than two weeks after we met.
6) I have lived in LaSalle, Illinois, St. Louis, New York, Boston, Miami, Baltimore, Tucson, and Edwardsville, Illinois.
7) I never could pull all-nighters, not even in college.
8) I saw the Beatles in concert and am still convinced that Paul McCartney and I made eye contact.
9) I stand with Israel.
10) In Germany covering a story, I convinced a rent a car person who said there were no cars to give me one as I was with CBS news….which was not entirely true. CBS was kind of mad at me.
11) I have this weird way of clearly remembering clothes from random moments in life. I remember the red dress I wore to my brother Jerry’s Bar Mitzvah. I loved that dress. I also remember what I wore the first day of Junior High, the first outfit I bought for a boy-girl party, a green plaid dress with a red belt from summer camp when I was nine, a random black dress with a cute bolero jacket I wore in the 80s, the coat I wore my freshman year of college and what I was wearing at most of my job interviews. It occurs to me that most of these items were dresses. I miss dresses.
12) I can’t believe I voted for someone named Nixon. It was Jay Nixon, the next governor of Missouri and a Democrat…but still.
13) I think Steve McQueen was the greatest. I must have seen The Great Escape 30 times
14) I always try to vote, even in bond issue elections. I get stupidly sentimental about it.
15) I wish I could sing…and fly.
16) I worked with Oprah. She was nice.
17) The mother in Back to the Future was originally named Eileen. Look it up. I grew up with one of the screenwriters.
18) I was almost named Elyse. I think it would have been easier for people to spell, but maybe not.
19) Knitting makes me feel both productive and calm. It’s a good combination.
20) I hated high school, but I did get a pretty good education.
21) The best chopped liver I ever had was in Tucson, Arizona, at Feig’s deli.
22) One of my biggest achievement in tv news was breaking a story that caused the bells to ring on the national AP wire.
23) After a concert, I got to meet Bruce Springsteen backstage in his dressing room. I was almost unable to speak.
24) Seeing the Anne Frank house was one of the most moving experiences of my life.
25) I am inordinately fond of black licorice.