Sunday, January 01, 2006

A new year, an old addiction.

It seems to be time to write about knitting. I'm not sure why anyone would be interested, but I read other blogs about the subject, so why not?

I've been knitting sporadically since I was about 14. My grandmother was a talented knitter, but not a teacher. My mom sent me to a kindly neighbor for lessons.

My needles lay dormant for decades, but last year I began again, knitting the obligatory fun fur scarves for co-worker holiday gifs.

Since then, I've become obsessed. I consider myself only an advanced beginner, but I'd like to try new and more difficult projects.

Right now, I'm working on Twisty Turns, a shawl/wrap from the Wrap Style book. I'm working in Nashua Creative Focus Worsted, and just ripped out 40 rows to begin again. There was a flaw I couldn't stand.

Thoughts, responses? Anybody out there?

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Knitter Interrupted said...

Hi Eileen. Yes we are "out here" LOL! And Knitting blogs are great because we make friends, we learn new techniques, we covet each others skills and projects, and share knowledge, which is why I do it! I'd not be the knitter i am without all the helpful women on the net that have walked me through so many projects and shared their widsom, wit and talent with me.

I hope you keep knitting. And it definately is addictive behavior!