Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm working on another pair of socks and two different shawls. Note the felted knitting bag in the picture of me and the boys at my younger son's graduation.

In just a few months it will just be Rick, me, the dogs and the kitty in the house. I'm not sure how the "empty nester" thing is going to be. Alex has been gone for two years, and I miss him everyday. Ben makes me laugh, when he isn't making me holler and now that will be over...especially since he hates to talk on the phone. You never stop being a mom, but the day to day stuff, which defines you for 18 years, is about to end for me. It will be quieter, with no need to ask for music to be turned down, shoes and towels to be picked up or lights to be shut. It seems so trite and predictable to even talk about. What's different, I think, is that life begins to shrink, after years of expansion. That can be good, I guess, with more focus on your spouse and yourself as part of a couple. But it is a loss, nonetheless.

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