Saturday, July 22, 2006

About 20 minutes after my last entry, my power went off for the second time in two days. We lost power during a monster storm on Wednesday, along with about 400-thousand other people. It was almost 100 degrees on Thursday, so I spent the day at my office. I'm a college professor, and don't need to be there much in the summer, but there was power and I used it. Our own electricity came back on about 21 hours after we lost it, but only lasted for about 15 hours, when another storm came through, with winds up to 80 mph, and knocked us out again. This time, we were joined by closer to 600-thousand, but the weather cooled down considerably so it wasn't so bad. I lost everything in my refrigerator and learned that I am way too dependent on electricity.
I did do some knitting, using one of those miner type lights that you wear on your head. My husband uses it for biking. It was kind of cool and I may use it again for knitting in the car at night.

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