Friday, May 25, 2007

No pictures, but there is knitting. Still working on the blue cotton cardigan, and I also started a turtleneck with some Brown Sheep Worsted. It may be too itchy, but I'm trying it.

School is out and I'm enjoying some quiet. My youngest got home almost a week ago. He's sleeping late and "looking" for a job. I'll give him till after Monday. My oldest will be home on Sunday. He got out of school in early May and has been on a trip to Israel. He'll only be home for a month, but I still need to clear out his room, which has become my computer/sewing/yarn storage room. I have no idea where to put all this stuff.

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Lucinda said...

My younger stepson managed to find a job rapidly this summer, despite giving up his existing job before finding another one. Hopefully your son will have the same luck!

(Elder stepson has already graduated from college & has his own apartment -- 1 safely flown, 4 more to leave the nest.)