Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Still no pictures. The camera I use is actually my son's, and since he is home, it has retreated into the chaos of his room.

Tomorrow I will drive my older son back to Philadelphia, where he will take a second session summer class. After I drop him off, I'll drive to my sister's in Charlottesville, Virginia. We're going to Virginia Beach for a few days. Then I head back here for a few weeks until the beginning of August, when I'm off to London to teach a two week class. It will be busy from here on out, but up till now I've been a total slug. We did paint all three bedrooms, and I've been knitting, but that's about all.

I finished the Classic Turtleneck, but have yet to put it together. Maybe I'll do that today instead of packing.


Lucinda said...

Sounds like busy summer!

Eileen said...

Hi Eileen from another Eileen!!! I am just learning to knit and want to do a knitting blog (I already have 3 other blogs at blogspot.) I thought about calling it "eileenknits" but obviously that is already taken! :-) I will have to keep thinking of a name. Have a great day!