Saturday, October 28, 2006

Coming to you from the home of the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals!

The end of the World Series means the end of baseball---so summer really is over---in case those 40 degree temperatures were not a clue.

My knitting injury is behind me, so I am making holiday presents:

Berets and fingerless gloves for the people who make my life a lot easier at work. I still have a way to go since there are a few really helpful people

My knitting break came at the same time as my fall break, so I took up something new. I am trying to learn sewing and eventually quilting. It's odd that I have this strong urge to create tangible things of late. It is relatively new to me.

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Melanie said...

There are lots of helpful people in my life, but I'm too selfish to knit for all of them. Good for you!

::long time reader, who just finally got around to posting.::