Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Alexander came home last night and Ben has been here for a few days. I'd forgotten how lively everything gets when the house is full. We picked up Alexander at the airport and weren't home for five minutes when he and Ben went out to Steak and Shake---which isn't possible in Philadelphia. Alex came home without Ben and was home for a bit when Ben came home with four high school buddies. They hung around for half an hour then headed out to see Borat. Alex had already gone by the time they left. At about 12:30, Alex came home and at 3:30 the doorbell rang since Ben apparently forgot his key. This morning the remains of my halloween pumpkin were scattered in my front yard. I suspect firecrackers.

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Lucinda said...

Having everyone home for the holiday must have been nice. Hope you had a great one!