Monday, November 27, 2006

The boys are gone and it is back to work time. The house feels so empty. I don't think they ever both left on the same day before. Here's a picture of them teaching my mom to be a badass.

Friday, November 24, 2006

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. I think I have actually found the key to family harmony---at least for me. It's called a chocolate cake, and there is certainly no flour involved. Combine equal parts Frangelica and Vanilla Vodka, drink it as a shot and then take a bite of lemon. It tastes exactly like a piece of cake...delicious. (I'm not a big drinker, but sometimes it really is just the right thing.)

I'm really loving having the boys home. They're such nice guys. I'll be so sad when they leave on Sunday. At least I'll have my knitting.

My next big knitting project is a sweater for my husband with Galway Highland Heather in green. I'm trying the Amhara'n Gra' pattern from knitpicks and it is a little tough. No tv watching with this pattern.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Alexander came home last night and Ben has been here for a few days. I'd forgotten how lively everything gets when the house is full. We picked up Alexander at the airport and weren't home for five minutes when he and Ben went out to Steak and Shake---which isn't possible in Philadelphia. Alex came home without Ben and was home for a bit when Ben came home with four high school buddies. They hung around for half an hour then headed out to see Borat. Alex had already gone by the time they left. At about 12:30, Alex came home and at 3:30 the doorbell rang since Ben apparently forgot his key. This morning the remains of my halloween pumpkin were scattered in my front yard. I suspect firecrackers.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I've had some Classic Elite Lush for a couple of years, and I've finally decided to turn it into a cardigan. The pattern is pretty simple with a lot of purling. I just cast on Friday and I've been a bit obsessed--mainly because I can't get over the way this ribbing looks like pleating.

I think this is just so cool. I can't believe what a kick I get out of it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I feel like I am careening toward the end of the semester. There's so much I have left to grade and cover in class. It always feels this way when Thanksgiving is close. Both boys are coming home and we're really looking forward to that. I'm not sure what Alexander is going to say when he sees his room...I've outfitted it with an extra table for my sewing machine. He's likely to feel a bit cramped, but I think he will adjust.

I finished this Irish Hiking Scarf for Ben.

I also just finished another beret and should be able to wrap up a pair of Fetching mitts during House, which is coming up shortly.

We went to Indiana to see Ben's last football game---he didn't play, but he doesn't think he will even go out next year so he wanted us there. I'd kind of forgotten what it was like to sit in the rain and cold for 3 hours, hoping that no one gets hurt. I used to feel like if I wasn't there, one of my kids would get hurt and it would be my fault. Ah, motherhood---it makes for rational decision making, doesn't it?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm delighted the election turned out the way it did. Not only did we elect a decent senator, but we passed the stem cell initiative, assuring that Missourians won't be left in the cold when it comes to medical advances. I'm so relieved. And the icing on the cake? No more Rumsfeld! Oh happy day.