Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm working on a pullover from the Cascade 220 website.

It's mostly stockinette, but it has a fantastic woven rib pattern at the bottom. The sleeves and yoke will be in this stitch as well, and are knit in one piece.

I love that woven pattern.

I went to a knitting group yesterday and enjoyed it. I went to another one a few months back. Both were made up of very nice women.


Annie said...

That sweater is lovely. Link me up, baby!

I'm glad you've found a few knitting groups. I've gotten so I don't allow myself to miss my Wednesdays with knitters, even if I'm dog tired. Such fun. You should join us if you're ever this way!

cindy said...

That sweater is beautiful. I don't know if I'm quite up to a sweater yet, but there is definitely one in my very near future.

Silver Spork said...

I'm about to start that sweater. Did you finish yours? I am thinking about doing the body in the round up to the last few inches. It seems like I may need flaps so that the yoke will go in correctly.