Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yesterday, I gave a talk as part of a "Last Lecture" series. I was one of eight professors chosen by students to present a talk that could be about anything we wanted. I talked about what I've learned from students. It was quite an honor, but what meant the most was that both my kids and my husband were there. My oldest had a two o'clock flight, so the noon time was good; my youngest had been up till 4am writing a paper that he e-mailed the teacher--thus missing class.

Anyway, I've been knitting socks and caps. My son (of the size 15 feet) wants a pair of socks, which I'm finally making for him. And the caps are in preparation for a class I'm teaching at the shop tomorrow evening. Should been interesting.

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AlisonH said...

Cool. And--size 15? I thought my kids were big! My 6'9" son is only size 13!